DJ Patrick El Clásico - Geneva, Switzerland

DJ Patrick El Clásico is from Geneva Switzerland. He discovers salsa in 1998 and his love for music leads him to collect vinyl records. Collecting those records has become a new passion added to the one of salsa dancing. His playlists are mainly composed of old school salsa and cha cha cha blended with some recent salsa songs to create a well balanced and enjoyable atmosphere. He is the organizer of Mambo Fever, an old school salsa party taking place in Geneva.

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DJ Tuli – United Kingdom

Originally from Venezuela, DJ Tuli has been spinning salsa, mambo, guaguancó, cha-cha, bachata and other Latin sounds nationally and internationally, working for some of the best salsa organisers in the UK as well as co-hosting the popular radio show called “The Latin Explosion” broadcasted live from the Colourful Radio studios at the Africa Centre - London. Tuli started listening and dancing to Salsa music from an early age; passion for which only grew stronger after coming to the UK, performing regularly at a Salsa venue back in the early 90's called "Down Mexico Way"....then in the 00's she joined the Mambolifestyle Dance Company (directed by Irene Miguel) which also led to dance performances across the UK and abroad. Although, DJ-ing has been a fairly recent undertaking for Tuli, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable learning curve & she is committed to continuously update her knowledge in Latin music scene and becoming a well accomplished DJ.

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DJ Morena - Ljubljana Slovenia

Katja is dancing since she is able to remember. She grew up in a dancing family, starting with ballroom and experimented ever since with different styles and music, spending countless hours on the parquet and in front of the mirror. More than ten years ago she fell in love with her greatest passion - Salsa. Almost 7 years ago she started as a Djane at local parties until she was given a chance to play abroad and slowly became a more recognized salsa Djane.

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Dj Tony - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Spain.

Music lover, dancer, vinyl collector and International DJ. For more than 25 years collecting Afro-Antillean music in all formats, Vinyl, Cd, Digital. He has participated in numerous events and congresses in Europe as a DJ, being well known for his taste especially related to salsa dura and mambo. Great advocate of salsa in Spain, especially in Madrid, where he holds one of the 100% salsa events in exclusive vinyl format SHINE MAMBO MADRID where dj's make their music sound from the decks, exclusively with their best vinyls of Latin rhythms. His passion for Afro-Antillean music, especially salsa, makes him always be updated with new musical themes of the genre, supporting orchestras and musicians today.

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DJ La Pasión - Darmstadt, Germany

DJ La Pasión discovered dancing in 2014 and has been the owner and dance teacher of the dance school LATIN CLUB in Darmstadt since October 2019. As organizer and resident DJ of La Esencia in Darmstadt, El Gran Mambo in Frankfurt, Latin Explosion in Wiesbaden, the Latin Fusion Festival in Darmstadt and the World Sensual Meeting Festival in Frankfurt, he makes a significant contribution to the German dance scene.

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MimoMusic – Zurich, Switzerland

Salsa dancing since 2005, Mathias got into djing relatively late, the first time in 2017, when he organised small parties in the Zurich area together with Janine. The association SalsaOn2Happenings developed from that and from that also the ChocolateMamboMarathon. In 2021 he started producing his own music, especially designed for dancers. As a co-organiser of the CMM, MimoMusic would now like to help shape the CMM musically and is already looking forward to the great event!

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