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 June 28th - June 30th 2024 

Important Information:
Thanks to all of our amazing dancers we are fully booked!
We are looking forward to a wonderful event and for the others -
see you next year!

Do you have a passion for Mambo and Chocolate?
Join us at the Chocolate Mambo Marathon in 2024!






185 / 195 CHF


6 DJ'S



Song Praline Voting

Help decide what songs we are playing in our Favorite Chocolate Song Hour on friday night!

Vote here ⇢

3 Days Of Dancing

Our DJs are in action day and night.
The focus of the event is on social dancing.
We strive for a balanced number of leaders and followers.

Old School Salsa At Its Best

We will fly in top DJs from all over Europe to bring you the finest music.
Besides Old School Salsa there's enough Cha-Cha-Cha and
Boogaloo to groove and enjoy.

A Unique Location

At the MusicContainer, you will find a unique ambience,
a large dance floor, a cosy lounge with bar and a professional music system.
The adjacent foyer is the ideal place to eat, relax and chat
- you are always right in the middle of the action.
Outside in the open air, cosy relaxation zones are waiting for you.

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Crazy Skilled DJ's

Only the best and nicest DJ's for you.
With their excellent taste in music,
the international lineup will put a smile on your face mid-dancing.

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About prices

We are a non-profit organization and do most of the work voluntairy. This allows us to offer a marathon price which makes it possible for many people from abroad to participate in the event. The earnings from the event are invested in other non-profit acivities.

We think it is fair that people working in Switzerland support the event financially more than foreigners. Therefore there are two prices: One is for people from Switzerland, and one (slightly reduced) for foreigners. We thank all Swiss people for their understanding and support!

And The Worlds Finest Chocolate

Switzerland is known for good chocolate.
There's plenty to enjoy all over the weekend.
Be surprised!

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